Information about game aerobatic ... know the structures and points of interest and laws

Information about vaulting

The game is an improvement of the human body effort, and the objectives change between incitement, health, capacity, or competition among people, and different sorts of diversions, and vaulting is a kind of individual recreations staggering, known as moves that need versatility and evening out and preparation and ability to Endurance, and we will give in the accompanying lines information on gymnastic and we talk about its nuances.

Information about tumbling

Game Gymnastics is a game that joins the introduction of a variety of improvements and moves in different devices, and combines the quality and preparation and versatility and precision and speed and duration, and is endeavoring to develop the advancement of legs, arms, back, shoulders and chest, similarly as abs, and includes vaulting contentions for men of 6 devices, The throat, the throat, the jumping table, the ground floor covering, the parallel, the mind machine, and in the zone of ​​artistic tumbling. The women's contentions are in the fields of wonderful and melodic tumbling, for instance, vaults, uneven bars, balance shaft, caution, force, confidence and request.

Game aerobatic shapes:

There are various sorts of tumbling, with 6 all inclusive got structures:

Tasteful Gymnastics: The most broadly perceived sort, individuals race on specific devices and equipment, for instance, portions and parallel rings.

Melodic tumbling: It is the kind of ladies just, in which the woman races on the tangle, and uses various gadgets, for instance, groups, ropes and ties.


Ground Gymnastics

Aerobatic tumbling

High effect practice Gymnastics

Points of interest of Gymnastics:

The round of vaulting improves the flexibility and balance of the human body, develop the character of obligation to it, what's more it is an extraordinary game, it grows the sureness of the individual himself, and extends the prosperity and nature of the skeleton and muscles of the body and progression, and thrashing the medicinal issues that impact individuals, Which decreases the threat of muscle and joint distress, and assembles the health and wellbeing of the human body. Tumbling is where the cheerful gets gold honors made up for the tenacious work spent.

Favorable circumstances of Gymnastics

Sports vaulting:

In the midst of the output for information about aerobatic, we discovered some mischief. The action requires that the muscles of the body be in a relentless stretch, realizing moderate muscle advancement. It furthermore endeavors to diminish the advancement of the chests. It in like manner makes harm the players. Likewise, the reliable wounds, paying little mind to whether in the zone of ​​the feet, or knees, moreover, the high aerobatic they use in the movement of vaulting lead to split of ligaments and skin improvement on the hands. Gamers furthermore can not get enough and fitting guidance, In eating the sustenance Suitable, and children disregard eating, causing exhaustion and nonattendance of advancement.

A couple of Facts About Gymnastics:

The old Greeks were the first to locate the aerobatic game, which was brought into the bleeding edge Olympic Games in 1896, and around then all of the applicants were men just, and they depended for all intents and purposes on climbing mountains and areas.

Most gymnasts begin their callings at two years of age or three years.

Most women gymnasts look into difficulties at 14 years of age to 18 years.

Most of the male tumbler legends are 21 years old.

The International Gymnastics Hall of Fame is arranged in the city of Oklahoma.

Gymnastic Rules:

The authorities watch bumbles coming about as a result of obliged advancements in the round of vaulting with over the top precision. The mistakes in the fall are in the wrong position, the wrong physical condition, the moderate improvement and the dormancy, yet in the optional advancements the authorities set the triumphant concentrations according to the inconvenience of the exercises, The score is resolved from 10 to each player. The authority reduces the concentrations for every blunder. It in like manner gives extra concentrations to the most irksome improvements by virtue of optional advancements, especially in the men's restriction. The amount of authorities is five, including the head of refs. In the women's restriction, President, the result is b Delete the most surprising concentrations and lower centers, by then process the ordinary of the remaining four, to get the result.

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