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Polo game is the most prepared game alluded to man and was known as the "Shangir", the beginning stage of the name of the force game to "Polo" which suggests in the language of Tibet "Ball Follow us this article to get acquainted with polo sport

Information about polo sport


Polo game is a game played on horseback between two gatherings of four players, each using a since a long time prior managed racket versatile to hit a wooden ball in a grass court and between two focal points of the goal

History of polo sport

The polo was made by the Persians and a while later spread in India, Japan and China. The Mongols took the game from Persia toward the East.

Known in Egypt in the midst of the Mamluk time frame

By the sixteenth century, sport was developed in India by Emperor Babur

D played in China and Japan for a long time before the omnipresence obscured in the midst of the contact of the West with these countries

In the eighteenth century, British sailors discovered polo sport in Manipur on the Indian edge with Burma, and after that set up the world's first polo club in Silash, western Manipur

Furthermore, after a short time settled various clubs. The most settled club that is so far powerful is Calcutta, built up in 1862.

Argentina is the primary polo country on the planet, having made the appearance unprecedented for 1877.

The fundamental round of polo

The essential match of the polo recorded in history among Turkmen and Persians was held in 600 BC, and the Turkmen won them. In the fourth century AD, the leader of Persia Sabor II took in the game, at seven years of age.

In the sixteenth century, Shah Abbas al-Kabir in his capital, Isfahan, built a 300-yard field with eight-

Polo sports fields

The polo has its very own play territories and fields like distinctive toys, and the domain of ​​the polo is around 275 x 180 meters.

The polo can in like manner be played in an open field, or in an indoor field.

Standards of polo sport

The polo is practiced on steeds called the Bonnie, which is seen as the months in this game, to abridge the limbs and minimal size. The steed is changed after each run, and the pony does not play various amusements per game, which includes five to six continues running in the high-target game, and four in little competitions.

The Polo gathering involves 4 players. The game is divided into runs that take predictably and a half minutes, and the slips are recorded and repelled if a player crosses the contrary side really or at whatever point hit, and empowers the opponent to empty the ball or fix the stick set up to square him from hitting the ball

Polo Sports Shoes

Polo sport contraptions

Polo sport contraptions

- Helmet and gives a watch to the face.

- The shoe is long and its shading is dim hued.

- Ball is continually made of wood.

- Gloves to guarantee the hands.

- Long stick made of bamboo.

- Knee protectors.

- Horse

A champion among the most critical players in this game, and the steeds conveyed in Buenos Aires the best horses of the polo, they can be a tolerable player in this game, to restrain the limb and minimal size.

Polo arrange

The game is isolated into runs that take every seven and a half minutes, and the game involves five to six runs, while the little test contains four, is changing the steeds Alboni after each run

It is played by two gatherings of four players each

The first and second riders play in the front, and the third and fourth riders play in the back.

Each gathering endeavors to push the ball into the adversaries' net

Close to the start of the match, each gathering takes their circumstances to ensure their target.

The player is allowed to remove the foe from the ball or fix his stick set up to shield him from hitting the ball

It justifies referencing that the single Pony horses don't play numerous parts per game.

The game is exorbitant, so simply the rich can endure its expense. Thus they are called sovereigns.

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